Jean Evans Thomas

Artist Statement

As creative persons, we struggle with the ability to really see. By seeing I mean to notice what is around you, what influences you as an artist. We are so bombarded with images and messages; we become adept at tuning out so much of our surroundings.  Seeing comes from taking the time to notice the gifts that are there every day. A gift could be a luminous sunrise, a small shard at your feet, or the smile or laugh of someone you love. As artists, we interpret these and distill them into personal works of art. Of course my interpretation is unique, and my work comes from what I find around me every day, from a fragment, a found object, to a small act of affection. And, as soon as my visuals are interpreted, I hope to engage my viewers, to see, make their own conclusions, and interpret their own gifts.



Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Jean moved to Florida when she was three. Growing up close to the water influenced her in many ways. Chasing fiddler crabs, catching fish, lizards, and bugs year round was looked upon as sheer fun and a true gift.
After graduating from the University of Florida with a bachelor of design, she worked as an art director for a publisher of regional business magazines. After a few years and seeking to meet a long-term goal of teaching college level art, she returned to school. There she earned a master of fine arts in painting from Texas Tech University.
The corporate world called her back and she spent nine years as a communications officer for two divisions of The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. After teaching art courses at night for the University of Tampa, she eventually found teaching more creative and rewarding. She loved the students, the other artists working with her and the art. After a few years of juggling both, Jean and her family decided to move to Brevard County, another place close to water. She presently teaches art at Brevard Community College, and has a studio at the Indian River Potters Guild.