Ellen Pavlakos Studio


Ellen Pavlakos

Artist Statement

I am a figurative sculptor who likes to work in portraiture and the human form. Working in clay or directly in plaster, stone or wax, the figure is my vehicle of expression. My goal is to utilize a creative language to express clearly my encounters with life and character of our world. The work stems from my emotional response to the human condition.

Approaching the figure with great respect, I find it an unending educational voyage that I enjoy through all stages including the search, struggles and discoveries. Sometimes I make a fast maquette to catch a fleeting thought, but most of the time when an idea has fermented in my mind I get right to making the armature. All the excitement and passion is poured in the actual piece. That doesn’t mean that everything continues as the original idea. There is banding, cutting, pushing, stretching as the sculpture progresses and takes dimensional space and evolves into a tangible form.

Greek art is a strong influence. I grew up in Athens where sculpture was very visible in my every day life and had a profound effect in my awareness and love of art.


Ellen Pavlakos’ commitment to art began with studies at the Arksakeion in Athens, Greece, her birthplace. In the U.S., she studied sculpture under Bruno Lucchesi & Ruth Nickelson at the National Academy of Design, New York (1980-81) and Luis Montoya at the Norton School of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida (1976-79).

Pavlakos is a figurative sculptor who works with wax and clay, her favorite media. She also works on stone, plaster and the contemporary plastic materials testing new materials and methods without abandoning her classical training.

The human figure is her vehicle of expression. There is a continuing thread of concern with human emotions running through most of her works that unites them. Dr. Patricia Archer, art historian and past curator of the Brevard Art Center and Museum wrote; “Sculpture in the hands of Ellen Pavlakos embodies in material form the vision of mankind’s highest ideals. There is a special link to the classical Greek, a positive feeling of the human experience, a glorification of life that communicates directly to the viewer. Always exploring and growing, Pavlakos’ work never fails to attract and communicate with us.”

Pavlakos’ sculptures are exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the State of Florida and has competed and exhibited in many national and international competitions. Her work in public places include the Girard College Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Space Education Center at Kennedy Space Center, Florida; the Chamber of Fine Arts in Nicosia, Cyprus; the Satellite Beach Library, Satellite Beach Florida; the Nature Reserve, Polk County, Florida; the City of Athens, Greece; the Central Brevard Library, Cocoa, Florida; the International Business Park Heathrow, Florida; the Titusville Social Service Center, Titusville, Florida.

Pavlakos and her husband Andrew live and work in Indialantic, Florida.