Marilyn Cook

Artist Statement

My goal as a photographer, is to create images that will take the viewer on a visual and spiritual journey. I primarily use natural forms,mostly flowers, along with objects that refract or reflect light to create new realities and relationships. My hope, is that the viewer will feel that they are seeing something familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.



Marilyn Cook is an artist and educator, at Brevard Community College in Melbourne Florida

The drive to be an artist began as a young child in Toledo, Ohio. Surrounded by dilapidated houses, smokestacks, and concrete playgrounds, I sought out structure and beauty. It wasn't until I visited my uncle's photography studio and printed my first black and white photograph, that I found my medium. Photography was my destiny.

Of the many places I have lived, the New England area stole my heart. Not only did I purchase my first 35 mm camera while living there, but I discovered how to capture meaningful images. It wasn't until I moved to Florida that my dream to become a photographer was realized.
My life is devoted to creating fine art photography, and teaching photography. I have been teaching at the college level and for a local museum for the past 14 years. Being able to motivate and inspire students has kept me involved in teaching all these years. Creating imagery and exploring many ways of seeing the world is my most treasured activity.

After receiving an Associate's degree in photography, a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, and a Master's in Educational Technology, I am finally working on a Master's of Fine Art Photography.